Library Space Planning

Dempsey, Lorcan
Lorcan Dempsey's WeblogAugust 31, 2012
Lorcan comments on two aspects of Stanford's very nice new website.
UC Santa Barbara Library
News. UC Santa Barbara Web Site. April 4, 2012
Lugg, Rick
Sample and Hold (blog)December 2010
Lugg, Rick
Sample and Hold (blog)November 2010
Barclay, Donald
American LibrariesMay 19, 2010
The challenge for academic librarians is how to reduce the size of onsite collections without either destroying the soul of their libraries or sending their faculty to the barricades.
Bennett, Scott
Library Space Planning. Urbana, IL. Web Site.2008
The author traces three paradigms in the design of library space that reflect the transformation of information from a scarce to a superabundant commodity. They are the "reader-centered" the "book-centered" and the "learning centered" paradigms of library space design.
Branin, Joseph J.
Journal of Library Administration 46(2) (2007): 27-532007
How much space should be devoted to print collections and services, and how much space should be devoted to digital services, information commons, and other new demands on library space? The answers are to be found through an exploration of emerging library practices of “content management” and “learning space design” that must be linked to the aesthetics and functionality of effective architecture.
Bennett, Scott et al.
Council on Library and Information Resources2005
What is the role of a library when it no longer needs to be a warehouse of books and when users can obtain information without setting foot in its doors?
Demas, Sam
CLIR Reports 1292005
This article suggests that the college library look to the Mouseion as one model for further intgrating itself into the community it serves - and for providing a unique cultural center that inspires, supports, and contextualizes its users'
Cohen, Patricia
New York Times August 1 (2004): 192004
Connaway, Lynn Silipigni
Libraries and the Academy 4(4) (2004): 127-1312004
Now that libraries and campuses are wired, the user is becoming unwired. What is the future of the library as a physical space?
Bennett, Scott
Washington DC: Council on Library and Information Resources2003
The author asks whether the goal of libraries today might more appropriately be described as “supporting collaborative learning by which students turn information into knowledge and sometimes into wisdom.”
Demas, Sam and Jeffery A. Scherer
American Libraries 33(4) (2002): 65-682002
Discusses library buildings and their role in building community. Reviews current design trends.
Fine, Jerold W.
Lanham: Scarecrow Press2001
Lee, Hur-Li
Library Resources and Technical Services 37(2) (1993): 147-1661993
This paper offers a new way to think about deselection and storage decisions by incorporating the prediction of future demand and cost analysis into one model.
Fraley, Ruth A. and Carol Lee Anderson
New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers1985
A How-To manual for assessing, allocating, and reorganizing collections, resources, and facilities.